Connect Mindfully.

Live fully. Mindfulness in action. Putting powerful tools into the hands–and minds–of those most in need. These are the goals of Awaken Pittsburgh.

Awaken Pittsburgh is a secular organization that draws upon the wisdom of mindfulness and meditation to serve a broad public. Our programs serve students, educators, those in recovery, social services and mental health professionals, corporations, and any other individual or organization seeking to gain clarity, focus, renewal, and decrease stress.

Our services include:

  • Mindfulness training for social service providers and workers in stressful careers (either as professional development sessions or as ongoing support)
  • Mindfulness training for educators to incorporate mindfulness into their classrooms or curricular areas
  • Workshops and seminars on the research behind mindfulness and its benefits for your setting
  • Presentations with practical application of mindfulness in everyday teaching, learning, and working
  • Personalized pilot mindfulness programs and/or research studies for your setting
  • Customized curricula for youth and/or adults, to meet your requirements
  • Stress-reduction and self-care techniques for administration and staff members
  • Instruction in meditation and other mindfulness practices

We earned a 2021 Silver Seal of Transparency!
Learn more about our organization’s impact through our Nonprofit Profile on Candid.