Enhancing our compassion and connection with one another.


Enhancing Our Compassion and Connection with One Another

November 18, 2020



Dear Friends,

How often do you find yourself scrolling, reading, and even responding – mindlessly – through the barrage of texts, news clips, emails, videos, and blog posts that flow through our day? We’re constantly fed a steady stream of information that lacks a mindful connection.

Our mission to connect mindfully and live fully is rooted in compassion for ourselves and one another. Cultivating this compassion takes individual intention propelled by the power of community. I’m asking you to join our community of donors on Giving Tuesday, December 1 to enhance our compassion and connection with one another. To support this mission, we have the opportunity to unlock a $5,000 matching gift – but only if we can raise the same amount by Dec 1.

Can you help us earn this $5,000 matching gift and give today? Donate here.

While mindfulness doesn’t change the circumstances of our reality it does help us manage the stress of our situations and anchor our responses in compassion and gratitude. As one of our course participants shared, “…this opened up my life to a new approach, to a life of kindness, gratitude, and peace.”

I’m aware that there is a lot being asked of you, of each of us, right now. And the uncertainty we’re all facing can feel overwhelming. But there is a specific action you can take today that will have an immediate and tangible benefit for our community. A gift today will support our mindfulness programs for teachers, healing professionals, emergency personnel, and community members, providing the foundation for connection, compassion, and awareness that we all need. Donate here.

With much care,

Stephanie Romero, Ed.D.
Founder & Executive Director
Awaken Pittsburgh


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