There are many online resources and apps that can support your personal meditation and mindfulness practice.

Some great places to start:



Headspace offers online guided meditation resources, research, videos, support, etc. or can be uploaded to your phone as an app. Also has a version for children/youth. –


The Insight Timer

The Insight Timer offers a helpful timer to use with meditation and great guided meditations as well. Free download for your phone or online as well. –


Stop, Breathe, Think

Stop, Breathe, Think is a free app that is for youth and offers a version for kids as well. You can download it onto your phone, tablet, or computer or use their website. –


Plum Village & Other Mindfulness Apps

Plum Village is a free resource for meditation available for your mobile device. The site also provides a list of additional apps for your phone, computer, and web browser. –